Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My NEW crafting addiction!!

My new addiction is called "decoden". Mostly used on phone cases but I did manage to do a mini purse mirror. The Doctor Who case is for my friend Brianna and a couple of these went to my sister. I kinda think maybe I could sell them. Once I get a bit better at doing this, its pretty easy but the pieces fall off after a couple months and the cream stuff turns dark and dirty looking. Hopefully I can fix these problems. :) Any comments are welcome!! 


I can't believe how long its been since I've made a post. Since my last post was about my four year anniversary with my love, and its about 5 and a half years that we've been together now. I'm working full time now and am extremely proud of myself. Dealing with bipolar disorder has held me back a lot but I'm getting there. It just takes a bit longer.


so I work in HEAVEN

I got a bunny named BUNNY

I donated all my hair :( 

I switched barns, followed my coach to the best place ever, left the awful place we were at. Got a new horse, we just had our one year together. His name is MOLSON and he is stunning, isnt he??

I can't wait to post again!