Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Well I'm writing my Canada day post today because I won't be home all day tomorrow! Canada day also is Jeff day, he's turning 21! :) So its a big party tonight to celebrate with friends, then tomorrow is brunch with him mom, and dinner with his dad. Followed by fireworks! 

I love to do nail art, or at least try so I figured I had to do Canada Day nails! I know they aren't very good, and being a horsey person, nail polish never lasts very long. I am very proud to wear the flag of this AMAZING country on my hands. (and of course "eh?" our "catch phrase") I never noticed how much I said eh until I went to California and someone pointed it out by asking where in Canada I was from. They knew by my excessive use of eh! 

Of course our National Anthem is an amazing song, but I feel that " Canadian Girls" by Dean Brody captures our essences just the same! Here is a picture depicting some of the lyrics. <3  click here for the music video!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bailey Lynn Watson!

I thought because I've made a post about Nifty, and a post for Winston, it was time to do a post of Bailey! Bailey is my beautiful cockapoo puppy. She's an incredible little girl with such a good temperament. Her middle name is Lynn and because she's a little wiggle bottom, she's Bailey Lynn sometime. That's her pageant name ;P She's just so fantastic. I have a youtube video I made for her, I would be so happy if you checked it out. CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO OF BAILEY Subscribe to my channel and blog, I always sub/follow back :) 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Couple New Cards!

Two A2 cards that I made recently. Of course its the create a critter cartridge. I have more cartridges but I just love how childish this one is I guess. I will have to challenge myself to make a card with a different cartridge, then I need to buy create a critter 2!  Anyways heres what I've made! 

First is Hogs and Kisses,  the sentiment is cut for everyday cards I believe and of course my little piggy is create a critter. I'm still learning to control my urge to glitter everything. Oh well, you gotta start somewhere!

This card I am in love with. Hoppy birthday is cut with jubilee and the frog was create a critter. All I did was glossy accent the belly, cheeks and eyes on this little guy and glittered the letters. I really love how this one turned out. :)

Thanks for checking this out! I will try something new tomorrow!!

My Tack Room

So today I had a check list of things to do, just small things. My therapist suggested I do this so I feel a sense of self worth and I find it really helpful so far. One thing I've been just dying to do and has been on my list forever has been to clean up my tack room. Because of my surgery I was unable to... UNTIL TODAY! My tack room is split to be a tack room and a dressing room. Half of it is all Juicy Couture themed, and the other half is all horsey stuff. Now like all equestrians, I can't possibly have everything in one place so this is mostly my storage space. 

So kinda just a run through of this organized mess! Left to right.

Top:  grey grooming bin (with a broken handle) that hold extra brushes. Theres also some rubber reins, a leather halter and my show girth. Next to that is my box from my helmet with extra pads for it, my saddle cover, and Nifty's Christmas stocking! 

First Shelf: Shipping wraps, a Ralph Lauren bag with standing bandages in blue and teal. A boredom buster ball. Various polo's, bag of spurs, bell boots, a garden hose attachment to make it easier to bathe Nifty. Then in the top container there are all different colour braiding bands in little bags, and some candy canes. Underneath it theres extra stirrup pads, extra bands for the stirrups, vet wrap, treat samples, etc. 

Second Shelf: Tackle box for those little bits and bobs, extra stirrups, cowboy magic, tons of sponges, hoof polish is black and glitter and more vet wrap. Then shampoo, conditioner, fly spray, all my leather cleaning stuff, my ear warmer for winter and empty spray bottles.

Bottom Shelf: Saddle pads, bareback pad, show pad x2, western pad, empty bags to throw stuff in when I need to take it to the barn, and in the green container is two extra fly masks and 3 extra halters.

Next to it: Scrim Sheet, Cooler, Ariat half chaps, bug spray, "personal bag", box contains stuff I'm storing in my locker and need to bring to the barn (thrush buster, baby wipes, sunscreen, etc) On top of that is my first aid kit!

Green Grooming Kit: This is where I keep my braiding stuff so I have small boxes with every single colour of braiding bands, quik braid, show sheen, scissors, all the normal braiding junk, roll on fly spray, waxed thread, etc.

Black Container: Normally lies horizontally, was ment for golfers but I use it as a show kit. Includes lint roller, hair stuff, sewing kit, safety pins, personal junk, sunscreen, spf lip balm, gloves, bat, pen, paper, extra helmet cover, treats, extra braiding stuff, etc. I may do a post on this box with more detail!  :) Good idea? 

Wow! okay so thanks if anyone actually read that all! :O
p.s. 6 days til I'm back in the saddle again.:) 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Well my day has just been made, apparently my baby boy Nifty has been acting up with anyone who rides him. Everyones reasoning is that he misses me. I can only hope he feels that way. He is my world.  I cant wait to get back in my saddle. SEVEN DAY COUNTDOWN!
Nifty and I down in the big paddock having a
 photo shoot! He just ran towards me in the field.
I miss him so badly.

After riding bareback and I fell off because I decided I'd sit side saddle
 for a photo. It didn't work. But he just rubbed up against me and
cuddled like he does. God Bless Him! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Embossed Backgrounds!

 I've always had such a problem picking background paper for cards so I decided I'd try something new. I got the idea from pinterest, not sure the owner. However its simple enough it could have been anyones idea. I cut the cupcake from create a critter at 3 inches and glossy accented the cherry and eyes. I cut a regular A2 card out of kraft card stock and then the white piece at 4x5 1/4. I stamped out my sentiment first and it says "you deserve a day sprinkled with fun!" Then I chose an embossing folder and ran it through my big kick! Tied some bakers twine and popped the image up on dimensions and called it finished! 
 This is yet again, create a critter bird cut at 3 inches. Everything is the same as the last card just with minor changes.  I wanted a way to make cards fast and easy because you can never have to many. Aside from the cutting it only took me about 5 minutes to complete! I'd say thats a success! The stamp says "its your day" and is just from the $1.50 bin at Michaels! :)

To finish off all of my cards from now on I will be adding this cute little stamp of a hand that says "handmade by" and of course, filling my name in. I got this stamp so long ago from the $1.50 bin at Michaels and I finally have got around to using it. What a great buy for $1.50!  I'm very happy! 

Winston Churchill

The other day my WONDERFUL hamster Winston got out, so I decided that I would make a post about him. He's a little Russian Dwarf hamster. Amazingly enough he was found behind my bag full of alcohol. I got a kick out of that. He's very shy but wouldn't hurt a fly. He lets the little kids in the area hold him and pet him, hes a big sweetie pie. However the second I open his cage, he freezes to pretend hes sleeping... Love you to Winston!! ;P 

Monday, June 24, 2013


Well I just can't sleep so I thought why not make a post again! So that no one can read it... This is getting weird writing to myself but oh well. It's a start I guess! 
I decided to make a VERY simple layout with no patterned paper at all. I challenged myself to use other forms of media. For example, I used lots of different fibers like twine, yarn, thread and lace! Then I also added a metal tag used to track cows. I used to be so obsessed with cows, this photo was from my old cottage and means a lot to me. I did some journaling directly on the page because I thought I had enough dimension in this page already. I watered down some paint and splattered it on the kraft card stock and made the title "moo" with some old thickers.
Thank you if anyone actually sees/reads this! :) 

Paint fight!

I keep posting photos of cards that I've made and today I decided I'd show some of my scrapbook pages as well. Starting with one of my first, and one of my favorites. It's fairly simple but I like that because it brings out the picture more. I started with a plain white 12x12 piece of paper because I couldn't find a background paper to compliment my photo. The photo is of my boyfriend and I on one of our first dates. Both of us in high school with little money we grabbed some friends and went to the dollar store to buy paint and water guns. We went to a park near a river so we watered down the paint and chased each other around. It was so much fun! Anyways I just splattered tattered angels mist all over the page and found some bright colourful papers. I ran some kraft card stock through the krimper and tore it to make an accent. I did faux stitching around the photo and wrote a little caption. I then just layered some flowers and tied a bow with some twine. :) simple and easy but a big accomplishment for me! Thanks for checking it out! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

four year anniversary!

Well I am just awful at making cards for things I know that I need to make, so really I should be making my dear boyfriend a birthday card because he turns 21 on Canada Day! Instead I made one for our four year anniversary which will be on August 10th! This is just another simple card, nothing fancy but he will love it. :) Please pardon my horrid lighting, my camera just wouldn't work! 

 I used the squirrel on the create-a-critter cartridge cut at 3 inches. I glossy accented the eyes and nose ( finally got some control! Instead of covering everything with it) I cut out "4 years" with jubilee and added that. This is a regular A2 sized card.

On the inside I matted the card and added the sentiment from create-a-critter that says "nuts about u" Jeff knows I love corny, punny things and I'm sure he will shake his head while I laugh but I know he will appreciate the card.
Jeff and I at his dads wedding. I will post more pictures of us and our story closer to the date :) 

Thanks for reading! 

bear-thday card

I went through my card stockpile and found that I am short on just about everything but Christmas cards. So I decided I'd use the remainder of my recovery time making cards to store away. I made two birthday cards that are very similar to the one I made my dad but small. (A2 card size) Lately I've been obsessed with my cricut so it seemed like a perfect idea.

I just did the normal 1/4 inch border for the papers. Then I went a little crazy with the glossy accents and stickles but oh well. I used glossy accents on the balloons, eyes, nose, and flame. Then stickles on the star, the shirt and the cupcake. I did this for both of the cards.

I thought this was an adorable sentiment on the inside cut with jubilee.

The card on the bottom is kinda a mess up but I'm just going to say that he's floating away with the balloons. ;) Thank you for reading!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

horse ribbon!

Today was the first show of the season for Greyden, and even though I was unable to compete due to my appendix being removed two weeks today, I couldn't miss it! Everyone did so amazing I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing team! Anyways while being stuck in bed I made this rosette for one of my favorites, Brianna. She came out of the show as the Grand Champ and it was just so incredible to watch :) Anyways I wanted to make her a special prize because she is so special to me! She really deserved her win and I am so proud of her. She's the little sister I've always wanted! 

baby boy card!

baby boy card
When I found out a lady at my barn was having a baby I was so excited because it meant I finally had a reason to use baby paper from my stash! I always say to my mom that I cant wait to have a baby to scrapbook the kid! She doesn't like those comments ahaha. Anyways she had a beautiful baby boy and I needed to make a card for her. Lately I've been obsessed with using my cricut for cards. More specifically the Teddy Bear Parade cartridge. I just think they're so cute. I know this is a very simple card but I thought I'd share it anyways. Thanks :) 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bad luck!

Well show season officially starts for my barn tomorrow when everyone was going to compete at Teen Ranch. I was so excited and I'm normally the one organizing everyone, making sure they have their stuff, and having 20 extras in the back of my car for when they don't listen to me. Unfortunately I'll be sitting this one out because of my appendectomy. I'm not a happy camper, Nifty and I have been working so hard to go back this year and do better, show people that we can. I am going to support my Greyden team mates but it sucks sitting on the sidelines when I have something to prove. My stitches are starting to heal and doing so nicely. I'll be back in my saddle in another two weeks but thats just so long. Oh well, when it rains, it pours, but it'll get better and we'll kick butt! PLUS last year someone hacked his mane off so he was crazy insane to braid, this year it will be pretty!

Nifty and I after the show, wraps in hand.

Posing with our ribbon, yes its only a 6th place but it was out of 30+ people and one of whom was saying they'd beat me and didn't place at all. Slightly rewarding. 

Not the best position or approach but this year will be better

walking off with our ribbon.

Card Making

 I thought it may be cool to post some pictures of some cards I've made. I'm pretty proud of them, and because I'm justing making this blog now I might as well share the stuff I've already made. I really like to make basic cards that are easy to reproduce and make several of. However these are some of the ones I've made with more details. The first one was for my dads birthday. I used We Are Memory Keepers paper line, and the Teddy Bear Parade cricut cartridge. I used a lot of glossy accents on this card, more then I should have:P Its on the balloons, eyes, nose, star, cupcake, and flame of the candle. I really like how this turned out though and I made it pretty quickly.
 The next card was made with the horse from Paper Dolls cartridge and the apple from Preserves. The yellow paper killed me to cut into and was from stamping up. Then all I added was some apple stickers and a happy birthday stamp. This card was one of the first ones I made so the flaws are very visable. I just learned about distress inks but you learn as you go. I still think its really cute.
This card was made for Valentines day for my amazing boyfriend. I am aware that there is a missing "s" at the end of valentines. This card was pretty large. I did one of my first copic colourings and used it as the focus of the card and then kept adding to it. I used stickles on the wings and I love the look of it. I ended up having to make my own envelope because the card was so large.  Ahaha.

Thanks for reading!

Teddy Bear Graduation Rosette

Please pardon the Instagram photo. My sister took the picture on her iPhone, but this is a ribbon I made for her for graduating college. What I did was scored a sheet of paper cut at 6x12 scoring at ever 1/4 inch. Then I cut the 6x12 piece of paper into 3x12. After this you follow the same steps you normally would of folding but I glued them together making a circle. Again, following the same steps you normally would making a paper rosette. Its important to add the extra piece of paper because other wise the it will rip. I finished the rosette and added the botton "ribbons" with are from 8.5/11 card stock cut to three inches wide and decorated the bottoms. Finally in the centre I added the graduation bear from the cricut cartridge "Teddy Bear Parade" I glossy accented the nose and eyes, and added a little bit of glitter. I drew in some details with black and white gel pens and glued on a wood vener of an A+ as the finishing touch. I'm happy with how it turned out but next time I think I would do something different from the "ribbons" hanging down. Unfortunately I didn't have any ribbon the appropriate size. Thanks for reading!

Meet Nifty!

Thats my horse Nifty (not totally my horse but thats just minor details ;P )
He's a registered QH with an amazing bloodline.
He's 15.3 HH with chrome.
This horse has it all, we've jumped 3'6'' and has lots of room to grow with me.
Needless to say, I have the perfect horse.

finally going to blog!

I've always wanted to make a blog but I could never decide what I wanted to blog about. I love to scrapbook , but I'm also obsessed with horses so a lot of the things I do are horse related. I also love make up and nail polish. Today I finally decided that I want to make a blog, and if no one reads it thats fine. This is my blog with my interests. Sure, I kinda hope someone reads this but its not the end of the world if they don't. Anyways this is kinda my intro :)