Monday, March 2, 2015

Gosling Stables

About two years ago I left my old barn to follow my coach to her new adventure as a barn owner. I've been with her for years and years! Sheri is my inspiration. So now I am proud to say I ride at Gosling Stables. I am the proud part boarder of Molson Canadian. I've been part boarding him over a year now and I am so happy to have a connection with him like I do. He is a true honest horse that just wants to please! This barn is heaven on earth! Everyone gets along. There's zero drama and we all support each other. Since my fall I've been jumping less because I was scared. I only very recently started jumping courses again. Yet me doing a little single fence at a trot, all the girls were there to cheer me on because we actually care about each other. We want each other to do well. It's such a warm and loving environment. 

Molson and I on a hack. 

Waldo the mini! 

Neveahs Cat Rescue

Today I wanted to post a bit of what I've been doing lately. At the Pet Valu that I work at we work closely with a wonderful cat rescue. Basically this woman Lori and all her vollenteers go into high kill shelters and remove ones that are listed for euthanasia. They are heroes. The amount of lives they have saved and change are uncountable. Soon they will be having an online auction to raise money for the charity. As soon as it's posted I will be sharing the link. 
This guy is names Jimbo. He's three years old and is FIV +. He is very friendly and is looking for a home! Spread the word and break the stigma. 

My boss, myself, Kathleen and Sue, one of the fantastic vollenteers from NCWL. That day we had 6 cats adopted. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My NEW crafting addiction!!

My new addiction is called "decoden". Mostly used on phone cases but I did manage to do a mini purse mirror. The Doctor Who case is for my friend Brianna and a couple of these went to my sister. I kinda think maybe I could sell them. Once I get a bit better at doing this, its pretty easy but the pieces fall off after a couple months and the cream stuff turns dark and dirty looking. Hopefully I can fix these problems. :) Any comments are welcome!! 


I can't believe how long its been since I've made a post. Since my last post was about my four year anniversary with my love, and its about 5 and a half years that we've been together now. I'm working full time now and am extremely proud of myself. Dealing with bipolar disorder has held me back a lot but I'm getting there. It just takes a bit longer.


so I work in HEAVEN

I got a bunny named BUNNY

I donated all my hair :( 

I switched barns, followed my coach to the best place ever, left the awful place we were at. Got a new horse, we just had our one year together. His name is MOLSON and he is stunning, isnt he??

I can't wait to post again!