Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My NEW crafting addiction!!

My new addiction is called "decoden". Mostly used on phone cases but I did manage to do a mini purse mirror. The Doctor Who case is for my friend Brianna and a couple of these went to my sister. I kinda think maybe I could sell them. Once I get a bit better at doing this, its pretty easy but the pieces fall off after a couple months and the cream stuff turns dark and dirty looking. Hopefully I can fix these problems. :) Any comments are welcome!! 


  1. what exactly is decoden...? and where do you find such cute bobbles and bits??!

    1. TBH I'm not sure what it means, but from my understanding its just decorating things super cute. The little bits are called cabochons. I order mine from ebay, etsy and instagram but if youd like some please steal from my collection!! I went a little nuts and bought thousands. The cream stuff is either silicon or "deco cream" which you can even get at Michaels by mod podge! :)