Monday, July 29, 2013


I am so excited that my Kawaii stationary has finally come in the mail, (part one anyways) more to come for sure. Anyways I have always loved this stuff, in fact, as a child, I thought I was asian. I know thats weird but I never really had a culture to follow so I would try and mimic my friends, so I celebrated Chinese New Years, tried to learn Mandarin, it didn't work. Anyways I've also always loved paper:p Lately theres this trend of filofaxing. I can't afford a 90 dollar planner but I have my fake one and I'm trying to make it fun. Most people fill them with little Kawaii stickers and stuff. I am obsessed. :) It just sucks to pay the massive shipping on these items. Anyways heres what I got from an etsy store. If anyone knows where to get similar stuff please let me know! Ps taken on an iPhone because my camera is officially DONE :( But I'm getting my sisters old one :) sorry. I can't wait for my next shipment to come in! 

Sticky notes on the right:) the stickers on the left were I guess a free gift and I love them! :) I guess its the same little girl? Shes so cute and tiny. <3 

Cute litte stickers! 
Sticker tape things! So adorable 

Post it notes. SO cute! Im dying

Horse Show and a Hospital Visit

Well it was my second show of the season (I'm way behind from my appendix) but oh well, I was really happy to be able to compete to begin with. So it was another Teen Ranch show, and finally things seemed to be going well, I like going first and I got to! The show started on time and as always we do the jumping parts in trips of 3. So there are two trips, one for each jumping class and three people compete their first, then they do their second. After that the next group goes so on and so forth. I did my first trip and it was PERFECT. (by that I mean it was perfect for me and Nifty, one chip in!!) Chip ins are a big deal for us and we got only one, that was such an accomplishment! I went in for my second trip and things were going so well, untill the last two jumps. I fell off. Im not really sure what happened, I lost my stirrup and went down, I hit my head and woke up a few minutes later. I don't really remember much. So we went to the paramedics and they sent us to E.R.! I was told I have a minor concussion, pinched nerves in my neck and soft tissue damage. I got a text while in the hospital saying I placed in the first class! 3rd place! After the hospital we went to get it :) I was really pleased! Anyways. This is just my luck, its funny because the whole way up I listened to a song by Sugar Land " It happens" and finally I just need to agree with them" shhhhhIT happens"

But it is poor me, why me, oh meBoring the same old worn out blah, blah storyThere is no good explanation for it at all
Ain't no rhyme or reasonNo complicated meaningAin't no need to over think itLet go laughing
Life don't go quite like you planned itWe try so hard to understand itIrrefutable, indisputableFact is happens

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bahrs Tack Haul!!


Had a blast and got so much great stuff for great prices. Hope you enjoy!

Following the tack sale there was a small gathering back at my place for a swim :) heres a few pictures! 
Left to Right - Karissa, Jess, Me, Chantal Bottom - Kaitlin, Brianna

Left to Right- Karissa, Brianna, Chantal, Me, Kaitlin, Jess

Left to Right - Jess, Kaitlin, Brianna, Me, Karissa, Chantal

We wanted to get a picture of us all doing hand stands but Kaitlin couldnt stay up long enough. LOL.
Karissa, Brianna (falling over), Chantal, Me, Kaitlin, Jess

Chicken Fights

Bailey looking for some food scraps <3

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Horse Shows!

Well I finally was able to compete in a horse show on the 14th! This also happened to be my sisters birthday, she was so incredible helping out and being supportive. I went into this show knowing I wouldn't place very high, or possibly at all. I had only ridden 5 times since my surgery before the show so I know my chances weren't very good. Anyways we went to teen ranch with the intension of getting my confidence back. We competed in Intermediate hunters which was two jumping classes at 2'3'' and one flat class. I never do well on the flat and Nifty was even bucking a little bit! Thats very rare for him, he is normally so easy going but oh well. I sat to it and all was fine, so no pinning in that class. Then the first jumping class I was a little nervous and just didn't put my leg on enough so every jump we added an extra stride, totally my fault and it was just whatever. Then the second course was PERFECT! We placed in that class but only got a 5th. I personally think we deserved better but its hunter, its all political. Plus considering my condition, and the amount of people in the class, I was very happy. There were 18 people in the class and I know some of those girls, and I know that they normally compete in a higher level so the fact I placed with those girls made it feel so much better! I can't wait for the show on the 28th. Hopefully it will go a little better! Either way I'm pleased with Nifty. Heres some photos! 

After our class I was sitting in a lawn chair while he was grazing. I was taking pictures and he was a little confused.

Nifty and I posing with our beautiful ribbon after our division. 

Changed and hes all ready to be trailered back, first we graze and watch some of our friends. His braids are all
out so he has cute curly hair :) 

Again just posing for a picture after everything was done. 

My beautiful sister and my beautiful horse. Victoria was a little scared but she worked hard and even got stepped on
in her flip flops. Shes a good sister. Nifty was very sorry. 

Nifty trying to eat my camera. I think this is such a cute photo. I wish I had a good camera that wouldn't blur like this. Oh well.

Finally a big kiss for Nifty for all of his hard work. I love this horse so much. He is such a good boy.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thoughts and Horse Shows!

Well I am finally going to be able to compete this year at an off property show! All along I was complaining that I wasn't able to and now I'm horrified. This happens all the time so I mean, its nothing new, but jeez am I scared. I was so confident before because Nifty and I were making so much progress!! Ive only ridden him twice since I've been back. I have 3 more rides before the show on Sunday. I know everyone says its not about winning... but come on.. it totally is! To compete you're spending hundreds of dollars! Im not going for fun! I'm going to win! ( Or you know, at least get one ribbon ) Any ways I have five days and I have yet to register! I havent yet decided if I will be doing the Eq division yet. Because I've had a whole month off I feel like I've lost a lot core strength.

Wish me luck if anyone reads this! :P

craft sale cards!

Well I've failed at not making any more Create a Critter cards! My mom is getting a table at an upcoming craft sale so as of now, thats what I'm creating for! These are cuts I made before and just never used, so now here they are in simple cards! I'm thinking that I will charge $3.00 a card or two for $5.00. I also want to sell sets of five cards for $10.00. I'm hoping that will go over well for Christmas cards and such! Anyways heres some cards I made recently. 

Here's the puppy cut from create a critter and sentiment cut for jubilee. Simple cards but so cute! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


After lots of sleep, and too much partying, I can truly say it was a great past few days! Sunday was a huge party at my boyfriends friends house. It was a kegger/pool party/ Canada day party/ birthday party. It was great for him to see all of his old high school buddys, and I enjoyed seeing them to. He has a great bunch of loyal and honest friends. Then on Monday which was Canada day/ his birthday we started with brunch at his moms house, had some amazing homemade waffles. It so much better then those toaster ones! His mom is an incredible woman and I love getting to go see his family so I enjoyed that. He opened gifts and such, then we headed off to his dads house for a dinner. His dads sister, his aunt, was there and she is just awesome! So were making plans to go get pedicures, go to the drive in, camping, that sorta thing. Its great because I have an amazing immediate family, I love them to death! But I don't have much of an extended family. So I kinda take him :P Anyways they made beer chicken and made me a veggie burger! Then we went to fire works and were swarmed by june bugs. It was so gross. Over all was a good day though because Jeff had fun. I love him so much. Then today I went to the hospital to meet up with the surgen and he gave me the all clear to go riding! wooohooo!

1 more day until I'm back in the saddle