Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Horse Shows!

Well I finally was able to compete in a horse show on the 14th! This also happened to be my sisters birthday, she was so incredible helping out and being supportive. I went into this show knowing I wouldn't place very high, or possibly at all. I had only ridden 5 times since my surgery before the show so I know my chances weren't very good. Anyways we went to teen ranch with the intension of getting my confidence back. We competed in Intermediate hunters which was two jumping classes at 2'3'' and one flat class. I never do well on the flat and Nifty was even bucking a little bit! Thats very rare for him, he is normally so easy going but oh well. I sat to it and all was fine, so no pinning in that class. Then the first jumping class I was a little nervous and just didn't put my leg on enough so every jump we added an extra stride, totally my fault and it was just whatever. Then the second course was PERFECT! We placed in that class but only got a 5th. I personally think we deserved better but its hunter, its all political. Plus considering my condition, and the amount of people in the class, I was very happy. There were 18 people in the class and I know some of those girls, and I know that they normally compete in a higher level so the fact I placed with those girls made it feel so much better! I can't wait for the show on the 28th. Hopefully it will go a little better! Either way I'm pleased with Nifty. Heres some photos! 

After our class I was sitting in a lawn chair while he was grazing. I was taking pictures and he was a little confused.

Nifty and I posing with our beautiful ribbon after our division. 

Changed and hes all ready to be trailered back, first we graze and watch some of our friends. His braids are all
out so he has cute curly hair :) 

Again just posing for a picture after everything was done. 

My beautiful sister and my beautiful horse. Victoria was a little scared but she worked hard and even got stepped on
in her flip flops. Shes a good sister. Nifty was very sorry. 

Nifty trying to eat my camera. I think this is such a cute photo. I wish I had a good camera that wouldn't blur like this. Oh well.

Finally a big kiss for Nifty for all of his hard work. I love this horse so much. He is such a good boy.  


  1. i have been waiting for this post all week! :P k, so it's only tuesday. but i was really excited to see what you would be putting together.

    i wasn't there but to place 5th after 5 lessons since your surgery is fantastic! like i said in a previous post, i wish you success and it looks like you did just that :)

    1. LOL thank you Deb! I'm pretty pleased! I've been too tired to post though, heat stroke for sure! :P

    2. it was brutal hot... but not as hot as it's going to be for this week... :S