Tuesday, July 2, 2013


After lots of sleep, and too much partying, I can truly say it was a great past few days! Sunday was a huge party at my boyfriends friends house. It was a kegger/pool party/ Canada day party/ birthday party. It was great for him to see all of his old high school buddys, and I enjoyed seeing them to. He has a great bunch of loyal and honest friends. Then on Monday which was Canada day/ his birthday we started with brunch at his moms house, had some amazing homemade waffles. It so much better then those toaster ones! His mom is an incredible woman and I love getting to go see his family so I enjoyed that. He opened gifts and such, then we headed off to his dads house for a dinner. His dads sister, his aunt, was there and she is just awesome! So were making plans to go get pedicures, go to the drive in, camping, that sorta thing. Its great because I have an amazing immediate family, I love them to death! But I don't have much of an extended family. So I kinda take him :P Anyways they made beer chicken and made me a veggie burger! Then we went to fire works and were swarmed by june bugs. It was so gross. Over all was a good day though because Jeff had fun. I love him so much. Then today I went to the hospital to meet up with the surgen and he gave me the all clear to go riding! wooohooo!

1 more day until I'm back in the saddle

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