Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thoughts and Horse Shows!

Well I am finally going to be able to compete this year at an off property show! All along I was complaining that I wasn't able to and now I'm horrified. This happens all the time so I mean, its nothing new, but jeez am I scared. I was so confident before because Nifty and I were making so much progress!! Ive only ridden him twice since I've been back. I have 3 more rides before the show on Sunday. I know everyone says its not about winning... but come on.. it totally is! To compete you're spending hundreds of dollars! Im not going for fun! I'm going to win! ( Or you know, at least get one ribbon ) Any ways I have five days and I have yet to register! I havent yet decided if I will be doing the Eq division yet. Because I've had a whole month off I feel like I've lost a lot core strength.

Wish me luck if anyone reads this! :P


  1. Good Luck.

    You will be great!

  2. i can totally relate to your thoughts about going to a show to win (something). and sure, it's a big bonus if you do but when you look back on the memorable shows that you've participated in, you can't tell me that you only enjoyed the ones where you've gotten a ribbon... there's gotta be something else that made it a memorable event ;)

  3. oh and as a charismatic economics professor recently told the general public on forbes magazine (he taught my macroeconomics class!), i wish you not luck, but success :)

  4. wishing you tons of luck and good wishes :)