Monday, July 22, 2013

Bahrs Tack Haul!!


Had a blast and got so much great stuff for great prices. Hope you enjoy!

Following the tack sale there was a small gathering back at my place for a swim :) heres a few pictures! 
Left to Right - Karissa, Jess, Me, Chantal Bottom - Kaitlin, Brianna

Left to Right- Karissa, Brianna, Chantal, Me, Kaitlin, Jess

Left to Right - Jess, Kaitlin, Brianna, Me, Karissa, Chantal

We wanted to get a picture of us all doing hand stands but Kaitlin couldnt stay up long enough. LOL.
Karissa, Brianna (falling over), Chantal, Me, Kaitlin, Jess

Chicken Fights

Bailey looking for some food scraps <3

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  1. HOLY CRAP! i just watched your "haul video" and i nearly crapped myself when you showed the total. and the fact you said there is a 'FREE bin'... what the hell! that's insane!!!!

    you girls look like you had a great time! :)