Monday, July 29, 2013

Horse Show and a Hospital Visit

Well it was my second show of the season (I'm way behind from my appendix) but oh well, I was really happy to be able to compete to begin with. So it was another Teen Ranch show, and finally things seemed to be going well, I like going first and I got to! The show started on time and as always we do the jumping parts in trips of 3. So there are two trips, one for each jumping class and three people compete their first, then they do their second. After that the next group goes so on and so forth. I did my first trip and it was PERFECT. (by that I mean it was perfect for me and Nifty, one chip in!!) Chip ins are a big deal for us and we got only one, that was such an accomplishment! I went in for my second trip and things were going so well, untill the last two jumps. I fell off. Im not really sure what happened, I lost my stirrup and went down, I hit my head and woke up a few minutes later. I don't really remember much. So we went to the paramedics and they sent us to E.R.! I was told I have a minor concussion, pinched nerves in my neck and soft tissue damage. I got a text while in the hospital saying I placed in the first class! 3rd place! After the hospital we went to get it :) I was really pleased! Anyways. This is just my luck, its funny because the whole way up I listened to a song by Sugar Land " It happens" and finally I just need to agree with them" shhhhhIT happens"

But it is poor me, why me, oh meBoring the same old worn out blah, blah storyThere is no good explanation for it at all
Ain't no rhyme or reasonNo complicated meaningAin't no need to over think itLet go laughing
Life don't go quite like you planned itWe try so hard to understand itIrrefutable, indisputableFact is happens


  1. what a trooper! you went back for the ribbon afterwards? ;)

    1. I sure did!! LOL wouldnt you? Briannas mom texted my mom while we were in ER saying SHE WON 3RD! and I just needed my ribbon as a pick me up ;P