Monday, July 29, 2013


I am so excited that my Kawaii stationary has finally come in the mail, (part one anyways) more to come for sure. Anyways I have always loved this stuff, in fact, as a child, I thought I was asian. I know thats weird but I never really had a culture to follow so I would try and mimic my friends, so I celebrated Chinese New Years, tried to learn Mandarin, it didn't work. Anyways I've also always loved paper:p Lately theres this trend of filofaxing. I can't afford a 90 dollar planner but I have my fake one and I'm trying to make it fun. Most people fill them with little Kawaii stickers and stuff. I am obsessed. :) It just sucks to pay the massive shipping on these items. Anyways heres what I got from an etsy store. If anyone knows where to get similar stuff please let me know! Ps taken on an iPhone because my camera is officially DONE :( But I'm getting my sisters old one :) sorry. I can't wait for my next shipment to come in! 

Sticky notes on the right:) the stickers on the left were I guess a free gift and I love them! :) I guess its the same little girl? Shes so cute and tiny. <3 

Cute litte stickers! 
Sticker tape things! So adorable 

Post it notes. SO cute! Im dying


  1. super cute!!!!! love your new purchases. I emailed you mom about the copics. have a looks and let me know if your interested. sending you smiles!!!! :)

  2. if you're riding on friday, i might have something for you :)

    1. OMG Deb that would be amazing!! :) Thank you!!

    2. i keep forgetting! i PROMISE THIS FRIDAY. putting into my agenda :)