Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Well I'm writing my Canada day post today because I won't be home all day tomorrow! Canada day also is Jeff day, he's turning 21! :) So its a big party tonight to celebrate with friends, then tomorrow is brunch with him mom, and dinner with his dad. Followed by fireworks! 

I love to do nail art, or at least try so I figured I had to do Canada Day nails! I know they aren't very good, and being a horsey person, nail polish never lasts very long. I am very proud to wear the flag of this AMAZING country on my hands. (and of course "eh?" our "catch phrase") I never noticed how much I said eh until I went to California and someone pointed it out by asking where in Canada I was from. They knew by my excessive use of eh! 

Of course our National Anthem is an amazing song, but I feel that " Canadian Girls" by Dean Brody captures our essences just the same! Here is a picture depicting some of the lyrics. <3  click here for the music video!


  1. Happy Canada Day!! I found your blog via your mum's spot. I hope you are feeling better. Love your nails and your music suggestion.

    1. thank you so much for checking out my blog! it's harder then I thought to get views :P means a lot to me, and thank you. I am fully recovered and start riding again tomorrow!

  2. happy canada day!! :) the weather has been REALLY agreeable this weekend considering the weather channel has been saying that it's supposed to be a sucky wet weekend. boy were they ever wrong! enjoy your celebrations with your lucky man! and then friday (you're back at greyden?) with the other lucky man in your life.. hahaha