Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Winston Churchill

The other day my WONDERFUL hamster Winston got out, so I decided that I would make a post about him. He's a little Russian Dwarf hamster. Amazingly enough he was found behind my bag full of alcohol. I got a kick out of that. He's very shy but wouldn't hurt a fly. He lets the little kids in the area hold him and pet him, hes a big sweetie pie. However the second I open his cage, he freezes to pretend hes sleeping... Love you to Winston!! ;P 


  1. wow he looks teeny! how big is he?

    1. smaller then my blackberry! :P i never actually thought to measure him but he is extremely small!

    2. holy cow. that's smaller than most small animal type pets! it might be THE smallest?

    3. probably. theyre incredible animals though. today my neighbour wanted to play with him and her sister stepped on him. The flatten themselves out to protect them self and hes totally fine! :) i had a miny heartattack but i love my winston. honestly such a great pet!!