Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bailey Lynn Watson!

I thought because I've made a post about Nifty, and a post for Winston, it was time to do a post of Bailey! Bailey is my beautiful cockapoo puppy. She's an incredible little girl with such a good temperament. Her middle name is Lynn and because she's a little wiggle bottom, she's Bailey Lynn sometime. That's her pageant name ;P She's just so fantastic. I have a youtube video I made for her, I would be so happy if you checked it out. CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO OF BAILEY Subscribe to my channel and blog, I always sub/follow back :) 


  1. she's a doll. I hope to get a dog one day too. :) happy Canada day weekend to you!! :)

    1. you should. :) her breed is great, she doesnt shed and shees just the sweetest. Happy Canada Day weekend to you too!! <3

  2. Great photos of a great dog!

  3. she's so cute!!! you should bring her by the stables :)