Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Tack Room

So today I had a check list of things to do, just small things. My therapist suggested I do this so I feel a sense of self worth and I find it really helpful so far. One thing I've been just dying to do and has been on my list forever has been to clean up my tack room. Because of my surgery I was unable to... UNTIL TODAY! My tack room is split to be a tack room and a dressing room. Half of it is all Juicy Couture themed, and the other half is all horsey stuff. Now like all equestrians, I can't possibly have everything in one place so this is mostly my storage space. 

So kinda just a run through of this organized mess! Left to right.

Top:  grey grooming bin (with a broken handle) that hold extra brushes. Theres also some rubber reins, a leather halter and my show girth. Next to that is my box from my helmet with extra pads for it, my saddle cover, and Nifty's Christmas stocking! 

First Shelf: Shipping wraps, a Ralph Lauren bag with standing bandages in blue and teal. A boredom buster ball. Various polo's, bag of spurs, bell boots, a garden hose attachment to make it easier to bathe Nifty. Then in the top container there are all different colour braiding bands in little bags, and some candy canes. Underneath it theres extra stirrup pads, extra bands for the stirrups, vet wrap, treat samples, etc. 

Second Shelf: Tackle box for those little bits and bobs, extra stirrups, cowboy magic, tons of sponges, hoof polish is black and glitter and more vet wrap. Then shampoo, conditioner, fly spray, all my leather cleaning stuff, my ear warmer for winter and empty spray bottles.

Bottom Shelf: Saddle pads, bareback pad, show pad x2, western pad, empty bags to throw stuff in when I need to take it to the barn, and in the green container is two extra fly masks and 3 extra halters.

Next to it: Scrim Sheet, Cooler, Ariat half chaps, bug spray, "personal bag", box contains stuff I'm storing in my locker and need to bring to the barn (thrush buster, baby wipes, sunscreen, etc) On top of that is my first aid kit!

Green Grooming Kit: This is where I keep my braiding stuff so I have small boxes with every single colour of braiding bands, quik braid, show sheen, scissors, all the normal braiding junk, roll on fly spray, waxed thread, etc.

Black Container: Normally lies horizontally, was ment for golfers but I use it as a show kit. Includes lint roller, hair stuff, sewing kit, safety pins, personal junk, sunscreen, spf lip balm, gloves, bat, pen, paper, extra helmet cover, treats, extra braiding stuff, etc. I may do a post on this box with more detail!  :) Good idea? 

Wow! okay so thanks if anyone actually read that all! :O
p.s. 6 days til I'm back in the saddle again.:) 

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  1. you're so organized!... i'm a mess with where things are...