Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bad luck!

Well show season officially starts for my barn tomorrow when everyone was going to compete at Teen Ranch. I was so excited and I'm normally the one organizing everyone, making sure they have their stuff, and having 20 extras in the back of my car for when they don't listen to me. Unfortunately I'll be sitting this one out because of my appendectomy. I'm not a happy camper, Nifty and I have been working so hard to go back this year and do better, show people that we can. I am going to support my Greyden team mates but it sucks sitting on the sidelines when I have something to prove. My stitches are starting to heal and doing so nicely. I'll be back in my saddle in another two weeks but thats just so long. Oh well, when it rains, it pours, but it'll get better and we'll kick butt! PLUS last year someone hacked his mane off so he was crazy insane to braid, this year it will be pretty!

Nifty and I after the show, wraps in hand.

Posing with our ribbon, yes its only a 6th place but it was out of 30+ people and one of whom was saying they'd beat me and didn't place at all. Slightly rewarding. 

Not the best position or approach but this year will be better

walking off with our ribbon.


  1. those were last spring's photos? i'm sure nifty is super excited to have you back at the stables!

  2. these were last summers :)
    I got to visit him today just to groom him but I'm not back in the saddle yet :(

    1. i'm sure he was glad to see you anyways :)