Monday, June 24, 2013


Well I just can't sleep so I thought why not make a post again! So that no one can read it... This is getting weird writing to myself but oh well. It's a start I guess! 
I decided to make a VERY simple layout with no patterned paper at all. I challenged myself to use other forms of media. For example, I used lots of different fibers like twine, yarn, thread and lace! Then I also added a metal tag used to track cows. I used to be so obsessed with cows, this photo was from my old cottage and means a lot to me. I did some journaling directly on the page because I thought I had enough dimension in this page already. I watered down some paint and splattered it on the kraft card stock and made the title "moo" with some old thickers.
Thank you if anyone actually sees/reads this! :) 


  1. LOL you do know you have an audience, right? takes time is all! and you're writing about things that you enjoy and do well :)

  2. I remember that cow!! To get readers and comments you have to read and comment on other blogs.

  3. I do mommy, no one likes me! except Deb :P<3 lololol

    1. ha! it takes time. i only get a few comments every now and again. and there is only 1 from a fellow blogger out in vancouver! everyone else is family and friends :P